Prior to treatment of your Spider Veins, you will receive a complete vein consultation with Dr. Judy Hondo.


Sclerotherapy is a very effective treatment for unsightly spider veins in your legs and for prominent veins on the back of your hand. This treatment involves injecting a solution into the unwanted veins using a very small needle. The needle is almost as thin as a strand of hair and it causes minimal discomfort; most people find this relatively painless. Once injected into the vein, the solution, or sclerosant, produces an irritation that slowly closes off the vein, and the vein then gradually disappears.

After sclerotherapy of the spider veins in the legs, a patient must wear thigh high compression hose for 2 weeks and limit her exercise regimen to walking. After two weeks, she can return to her normal activities. Most patients report improved cosmetic appearance in their legs and renewed confidence when wearing skirts or shorts, and a more youthful look of their hands after the unsightly veins have been addressed.

Real Results